The art of photography is that it sees the beauty in everything – in the movements and expressions that convey love and emotion more powerfully than words ever could.  I count myself incredibly blessed to have made a career out of capturing those moments, and delivering the photographs you and your families will cherish for generations.


I began my career in my home state of New Jersey shortly after graduating from college. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to photograph special occasions throughout New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area, taking advantage of the rich and diverse backdrops this part of the country offers. From there, my work expanded to Florida, Texas, California, and led me to my first international wedding destination of London, England. 

My gallery features shoots taken everywhere from the dazzling lights of New York City to the unparalleled landscapes of the French countryside and Australian outback.  I have traveled extensively over six continents in pursuit of the perfect shot. These travels, in part, led me to embrace film photography and the organic colors and rich quality film brings to images. After marrying my heart's desire in April of 2017, I began a life with her in a whole new part of the world and call Dubai my new home. 

A view of an ocean or seascape does wonders to the mind. A good view like this brings me peace.



More of an addiction than a hobby, I'm always planning the next destination to photograph. The city that always calls me back is my absolute favorite to visit, Paris!



 One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying coffee from around the world. My favorite is still European!



There is no greater feeling than the support of my family. From the oldest to the youngest member, my adorable nephew.



She is the absolute love of my life. My rock, my heart, my ultimate happiness.

my wife


My God has given me countless blessings. I would be nothing and nowhere if it weren’t for my faith. 

my faith


My Must Haves